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who we are

There is an old saying, “You don’t do business with companies, you do business with people.” And what’s more, you usually do business with people you like. Well you are in luck…we are people! And we think we are pretty likeable. We know that alone will not get you to do business with us, but we are fun to work with, we make it easy for you to get results, and we make you feel great in the process.


We believe that creating truly meaningful relationships with our customers is really important.

When you get sick of hearing about us, give us a call. We’d love to hear all about you.

Creative Design

We help elevate brands and grow businesses through thoughtful strategies, creative solutions, collaborative relationships, and caring and dedicated partnerships.


To energize small businesses to build thriving communities.


Character  |  Humor  |  Authenticity  |  Imagination

  • Making outsourced creative services more accessible and less overwhelming for small businesses, allowing them time to grow and develop their companies.

  • Enabling businesses large and small to re-connect with their customers and their communities, making business more personal again.


President and Creative Director

Rachel's career in marketing, sales and creative work has spanned over 20 years. She loves working with small businesses and non profits and helping them tell their stories and strengthen their brands by building meaningful relationships.

Community is at the core of everything she does. Rachel has served on a number of nonprofit boards over the years, she founded a women's leadership group called Livingston Women in Business, founded a women's philanthropy group called Montana Matriarch, and produces an annual community brew fest called Tap into Montana that benefits a different local nonprofit each year.

Rachel lives, works and plays in Livingston, Montana - arguably the coolest little downtown you'll ever find. She is the mom to two boy humans, Liam and Gage, and two boy dogs, Lewis and Seger.

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